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Kiki from FOX 35 Orlando

Kiki, the adorable little pomeranian that joined me on Fox 35 Orlando, is looking for her fur-ever home.  

Kiki is an 11 month old, female, lovely, fox-red Pomeranian with a classic powder puff coat who weighs about 7lbs.

Here is …

Featured Pet

Featured Pets- Sampson & Junebug

Sampson and Junebug, who joined me on the Weather Channel this past week, are my Pet(s) of the Month! These super sweet senior dogs were the best TV dogs ever! They woke up super early, met lots of new …

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Featured Pet- Bear from Aussie Rescue

This month’s Pet of the Month is Bear from Aussie Rescue of Southern California.

Bear is an 8 year old neutered male mini red tri Australian Shepherd. Sadly, some months ago, Bear’s beloved owner passed away. Bear was her constant …

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Featured Pets- Meg & Jack

Meet Meg & Jack two adorable kitties from Beach City Kitties that are looking for their fur-ever home.
They are 10 months old and an extremely cuddly brother & sister duo! They were born outside to a feral mama, and Beach City Kitties
Featured Pet

Featured Pet-Pepper

Pepper is a proud 9 year old rescue Havanese-Poodle mix who always wears his tuxedo. Pepper is a charming gentleman who loves children and food, but not other dogs or gardeners. He is curious about cats, and someday would love …


How did black cats get a bad rap?


Halloween conjures up all kinds of scary images. From goblins, ghouls, witches, to ghosts, mummies and black cats? Black Cats! How did our beautiful and sleek feline friends ever end up being listed amongst the scariest and evilest of …

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Pet of the Month- Nayla from SNORT Rescue

Nayla is an adorable, seven-year-old Frenchie who can’t wait to find her perfect forever home and since everyone who meets her falls head over heals in love with her, it shouldn’t be difficult!

This girl absolutely adores people, especially ‘her’ …