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Tips for Traveling with Pets

Summer is almost here. For many people, that means family vacation time. Since most Americans consider their pets to be members of the family, it wouldn’t be a vacation without bringing their pet along. Unless you want your vacation to …


How to Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Pawprint

April is Earth Month, a great yearly reminder to reflect upon how our actions impact the planet. You drive an electric car and bring your own bags to the grocery store. You care about greenhouse gases and your carbon footprint.


Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

Spring is here and that means time it is time for Spring cleaning. If you have pets your house may be extra messy! Whether it’s the endless shedding, litter tracked everywhere, or a trail of muddy pawprints, they seem to …


How to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean & Healthy

February is National Pet Dental Month and reminds us of the importance of pet dental health. Did you know that dental disease is the number one pet health issue? According to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS), 80% of dogs …


Keeping Your Pets Safe This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here! That means lots of chocolate, candy and flowers. Unfortunately, that also means lots of sick pets! Every year around this holiday, thousands of pets are hospitalized when they eat something they shouldn’t have eaten. To …


Winter Weather Pet Safety Tips

As the temperature drops across the country, make sure you know how to keep your pets safe. Here are 5 simple tips to keep your pets safe and warm this Winter.

1. Stay indoors and invest in winter apparel



Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday

While the holidays are festive times, they can also be very dangerous times for our pets. Each year thousands of pets become ill or are seriously injured during the holidays. Intestinal obstructions, chocolate of other food toxicities, burns, and pancreatitis


Holiday Gifts for Your Pets

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays are upon us again. If you’re struggling to find the purr-fect holiday gift for your pets, fret no more. I’ve compiled a list of some paw-sitively perfect gift ideas to help make shopping …


Thanksgiving Dangers for Pets

Each year, many pets become ill during the holidays. Some of the most common health hazards include intestinal obstructions, chocolate ingestion, other food toxicities, and pancreatitis. To ensure that your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with happiness rather than a long …