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Tips for making trips to the vet less stressful…


There are more cats in American homes than dogs, yet despite their popularity, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports that cats are brought to the veterinarian less often than dogs. Why is this true? Don’t cat parents love …


Protecting your pets from snakes Part 1

Every year around 150,000 dogs and cats in the United States are bitten by venomous snakes. Most occur when it’s warm outside, so before you and your pets rush out to enjoy the warm weather, make sure you are familiar

Featured Pet

Featured Pet – Oski

It seems only fair that the first “Pet of the Month” would be my own dog Oski. The manner in which he entered our lives makes me believe that it was fate that brought us together. Oski was picked up …


Summer pet safety tips as seen on KUSI

It has been a hot summer! Most of the country has been hit with heat wave after heat wave. When the temperature rises, the risk of summer dangers also rises, especially for your pets. Follow these simple tips in order …


Protect your pets from the sun

Did you know pets get skin cancer too? Just like us, dogs and cats are susceptible to sun damage. Excess sun exposure can lead to sunburns and skin cancer in our animal friends.

Most dogs and cats have hair


Aging Gracefully

Originally published in Pet Business Magazine July 2008.

Thanks to advances in technology, medicine and nutrition, pets like people appear to be living longer healthier lives. According to the 2007 U.S Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook published by the American …


DNA and Your Cat

Originally published in Kittens USA 2011

In 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick reported their discovery of the double helical structure of DNA in the journal Nature. Their discovery finally provided a model to explain the molecular basis of …


Avoid Plant Perils

Originally published in Cat Fancy Magazine December 2011

Most pet parents know that many common household plants can be toxic or even deadly to cats. Mistletoe and lilies, which are frequently used to decorate homes during the holidays, are two …