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Aging Gracefully

Originally published in Pet Business Magazine July 2008.

Thanks to advances in technology, medicine and nutrition, pets like people appear to be living longer healthier lives. According to the 2007 U.S Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook published by the American …


DNA and Your Cat

Originally published in Kittens USA 2011

In 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick reported their discovery of the double helical structure of DNA in the journal Nature. Their discovery finally provided a model to explain the molecular basis of …


Avoid Plant Perils

Originally published in Cat Fancy Magazine December 2011

Most pet parents know that many common household plants can be toxic or even deadly to cats. Mistletoe and lilies, which are frequently used to decorate homes during the holidays, are two …


Caring for Aged Dogs

Originally published in BARK Magazine January 2006

Most parents complain about how quickly their kids grow-up. Within the blink of an eye their children seem to go from diapers to diplomas. Now imagine squeezing an entire life span into just …