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Holiday Pet Hazards

Singing Christmas carols, lighting the Menorah, visiting Grandma…going to the vet? Probably not your idea of a holiday event, but unfortunately many families find themselves visiting their veterinary clinics during the holiday season for unfortunate and preventable emergencies. While the …

Featured Pet

Featured Pets- Meg & Jack

Meet Meg & Jack two adorable kitties from Beach City Kitties that are looking for their fur-ever home.
They are 10 months old and an extremely cuddly brother & sister duo! They were born outside to a feral mama, and Beach City Kitties

How did black cats get a bad rap?


Halloween conjures up all kinds of scary images. From goblins, ghouls, witches, to ghosts, mummies and black cats? Black Cats! How did our beautiful and sleek feline friends ever end up being listed amongst the scariest and evilest of …


How to find a lost pet

Losing a pet is every pet parent’s worst nightmare, but there are steps you can take pre-emptively and things you can do if your pet gets lost to increase the odds that you’ll get your pet back.

To improve your …