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Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday

While the holidays are festive times, they can also be very dangerous times for our pets. Each year thousands of pets become ill or are seriously injured during the holidays. Intestinal obstructions, chocolate of other food toxicities, burns, and pancreatitis


Thanksgiving Dangers for Pets

Each year, many pets become ill during the holidays. Some of the most common health hazards include intestinal obstructions, chocolate ingestion, other food toxicities, and pancreatitis. To ensure that your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with happiness rather than a long …


Halloween Hazards all Pet Parents Need to Know

Halloween is almost here! Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday. Ever since I was a kid, I have loved Halloween but… not everyone loves Halloween. In fact, many animals are downright terrified by the holiday. In addition to being scary, …


Cool New Pet Products from SuperZoo 2023

Pet retailers from around the world were in Las Vegas this week to showcase their latest pet products. SuperZoo, the pet industry’s largest trade show in North America, features every kind of pet product imaginable all under one roof. Since …


Common Pet Poisons: How To Keep Your Pets Safe

March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month. Every year, thousands of pets are accidentally poisoned by common household products, foods, and plants. Here are some of the most common household hazards:

1. Human medications.

According to ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center, …


Diabetes in Pets: Do You Know the Signs?

November is American Diabetes Month®. Diabetes is not just a human disease; dogs and cats also suffer from this all too common disease. In fact, estimates report that diabetes affects about 1:200 cats and 1:300 dogs nationwide and it is


Pet Essentials During the COVID-19 Pandemic

While everyone across the country is following stay-at-home orders and stocking-up on household essentials, it is important for pet parents to plan for their pets too. Buying groceries and supplies either online or at a store is challenging during COVID-19, …


How You Can Help Feral Cats

Whenever I see a feral cat, I see the wild ancestral roots hiding just beneath the surface of every domestic cat. Even the wildest feral cat can be just one generation away from being someone’s pampered household pet. Feral cats …


Common Eye Problems in Pets

January is the perfect time to talk about eyes because it’s National Eye Care Month! Dogs and cats, like their human companions, can develop a variety of eye problems. Since pets can’t tell us if their vision is blurry or …