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Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday

While the holidays are festive times, they can also be very dangerous times for our pets. Each year thousands of pets become ill or are seriously injured during the holidays. Intestinal obstructions, chocolate of other food toxicities, burns, and pancreatitis


Bloat-What dog owners need to know

What is Bloat?
Gastric Dilatation –Volvulus, more commonly referred to as bloat, occurs when a dog’s stomach becomes distended with food, liquid or gas. Once distended the stomach can rotate or twist causing a life threatening condition where blood flow …


Holiday Pet Hazards

Singing Christmas carols, lighting the Menorah, visiting Grandma…going to the vet? Probably not your idea of a holiday event, but unfortunately many families find themselves visiting their veterinary clinics during the holiday season for unfortunate and preventable emergencies. While the …